Jul 6 2020 – Jun 30 2021 all-day New York Hall of Science
This virtual exhibit melds science and art to create extraordinary images of brains – from high-resolution images of real brains from different species to artistic portraits crafted out of brain cells. Viewers can look at high-resolution images of octopi, zebra finches, mice, turtle, and human brains, as well as original artwork inspired by brains.
Aug 3 – Aug 7 all-day New York Hall of Science
Ages 8 – 10 August 3 – 7, 2020; 10 am – noon This virtual summer camp will highlight the interesting ways that science makes things go boom from chemical interactions to sound vibrations. Participants will observe a colorful foamy reaction called elephant toothpaste and learn safe ways to conduct a similar effect at home.
Aug 10 – Aug 14 all-day New York Hall of Science
Ages 8 – 10 August 10 – 14, 2020; 10 am – noon In this weeklong virtual summer camp, participants will tap into their creativity while making connections between brain, art and science. They’ll create personal art masterpieces and learn about primary and secondary colors, and principles of math. They’ll also learn how the brain’s