9:00 am
Did you know that 48% of adults think the most memorable feature after meeting someone is their smile? On Saturday, November 23rd, from 9 AM – 4 PM we will be hosting Invisalign Day with the opportunity for extra savings! $500 off, Free whitening and Free retainers when you start treatment the same day! Payment
Kew Gardens Dental Arts
Dec 20 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
3:00 pm
YWCA health fair is back and we are excited to bring you kids’ activities this time! We will have children’s health related information provided from different organizations, fun kids’ activities, toy giveaway, and you’ll get to meet Santa! Bring your friends and family to enjoy this fun event!
YWCA of Queens
5:00 pm
Do you experience limiting beliefs and stories that restrict you from living your life in a fully embodied way? Perhaps there is something you’ve been dreaming of creating, but you are stuck in stasis mode, uninspired and unmotivated to bring your vision to fruition? Or maybe you simply need an energetic shift and want to
Plaxall Gallery - Long Island City Artists
5:00 pm
Disease Thrower is the final work of a performance trilogy based on Gaudalupe Maravilla’s autobiography. The first part, titled The OG of Undocumented Children (performed at the Whitney Museum in 2018) told the story of how Maravilla became an undocumented and unaccompanied child immigrant. The second part, titled Walk on Water (performed at the Queens
The Knockdown Center
6:30 pm
It’s National Colorectal Cancer Month and we take that very seriously. Colon cancer affects about 140,000 Americans each year and more than 50,000 die from it. Colorectal cancer tests are designed to find precancerous polyps. Some polyps can turn into cancer so early detection is key. Learn about colon cancer screening and when and where
Broadway Library
Mar 21 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
10:00 am
Spring is around the corner! Join the FMCP Environmental Stewardship Team as we kickoff the spring season and work to maintain the rain garden at Meadow Lake. Rain gardens are important for removing pollutants, absorbing nutrients, and increasing the biodiversity within the area. We will use tools to prune ornamental grasses within the rain garden
Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Meadow Lake
5:00 pm
Are you protecting your eyes from the sun? Following the 20-20-20 rule? If not, you are not doing enough for the health of your eyes. Learn from Mount Sinai Queens optometrist, Dr. Elena Schmidt, what you can do today to take care of your eyes and preserve your vision as you age. Sign up today!
Trattoria L’incontro
May 21 @ 4:00 pm
4:00 pm
Community Fair for the Community. The fair will have a variety of vendors from Healthcare to city agencies, promoting their services. There will be games and other activities for all ages. Animation and performances by Parsons’ dance team. Food and beverages will be provided by Parsons Community School.
Parsons Community School