Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers @ Windmill Community Garden
May 6 @ 5:00 pm – May 9 @ 7:00 pm
Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers @ Windmill Community Garden | New York | United States

Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers is acrylic painted and assembled work that is inspired by the loss of a cherished object. Objects are endowed with the power of reference to memories, philosophies and in some cases, spiritual connection. Very often when an object is lost, so too are the memories that they inspire. This work is to honor those memories and experiences by memorializing what was lost.

Dario Mohr is a New York City-based interdisciplinary artist. Born in 1988, Mohr received a BFA from Buffalo State College and an MFA from The City College of New York. He creates interactive sanctuary experiences using an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to work created in painting, sculpture, or made digitally, he often includes assembled objects to build immersive “sacred spaces”. These often exist in unexpected places, using mundane objects. Because objects are endowed with the significance that the viewer blesses them with, his work can provide a lot of space for divergent perspectives and interpretations. The recycling of old work is also fundamental to Mohr’s practice. You will see previously created paintings and sculptures as well as the reuse of objects, textiles, cushions, and other elements in future works. Sometimes a previously used item provides the perfect juxtaposition to enhance or add depth to new explorations. In addition to his individual art practice, he is also the founder and Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc. which is a non-profit for the recognition and representation of BIPOC artists in contemporary art.

Cada Cabesa Es un Mundo: Solo Exhibition by Diego Espaillat @ Flux Factory
May 14 – May 16 all-day
Cada Cabesa Es un Mundo: Solo Exhibition by Diego Espaillat @ Flux Factory | New York | United States

“Cada Cabesa Es Un Mundo,” a phrase often used by one of Diego’s Uncles in the Dominican Republic, is offered as a framing for the sculptures in this exhibition. Concerned with the lineage and evolution of Spanish Caribbean mask-making and culture, Diego Espaillat seeks to insert himself into the often-changing art form by working through the forms in his personal fashion.

The mask-making histories are relatively new, still evolving, and grow out of a mix of traditions, including Spanish Catholic holidays and Yoruba spirituality. In creating these pieces, Diego uses the laborious traditional paper mache process, reframed through his own creative style. These masks are not made to be worn, they are instead sculptural objects. By committing himself to the specific lineage of this metamorphic art form as a diasporic member of Dominican culture, Diego adds his lived experience to this unfolding tradition and explores his own identity through process.

The ceramic pieces in the exhibition are situated in the long tradition of earthenware and recognizing that Spanish-American-Caribbean culture remains connected to its pre-Colombian roots. Again, Diego seeks to develop novel understandings of tradition by engaging with form, process, and history from a personal perspective.

Diego Espaillat, born in 1994 graduated from Lyme Academy College in 2017. He currently lives and works in New York City. Diego is a sculptor whose work is inspired by objects and activities that collide between the Caribbean & New York.

Gallery Dates: May 14 – 16

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 15, 3 – 6 pm
At the Windmill Community Garden

Gallery Hours
Friday, May 14, 5 – 8 pm
Sat & Sunday, May 15 & 16, 1 – 6pm

Artist Talk via zoom
Wednesday, May 19, 7 pm EST

Join Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence Diego Espaillat for the culminating exhibition of his Residency.

Food Illustration Watercolor Workshop – VIRTUAL @ Alley Pond Environmental Center
May 18 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Food Illustration Watercolor Workshop - VIRTUAL @ Alley Pond Environmental Center | New York | United States

Explore your creativity by painting your favorite foods in watercolor! Illustrating the food from your kitchen (or your fantasy meals) can be fun for many reasons. It is therapeutic, creative, and experimental. And you can even create fun wall art for your home while you are at it! In this beginner-friendly class, we’ll explore shape, color, and texture using simple watercolor techniques. We will start with a few basic exercises and quick, simple projects, then move on to create paintings using food from your kitchen or reference photos. Along the way, learn a process for gathering delicious-looking inspiration for artwork. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.
Various supplies needed:
Pencil with eraser
Watercolor paints. You do not need to purchase expensive paints; even a basic watercolor set with primary colors will be great for this class. If you are looking to purchase new paints, I will send along with a list of my preferred budget-friendly paints and other materials.
Watercolor brushes. I will use both larger and smaller round brushes in this class (Sizes 0 to 8), and, but you’re welcome to use what you have!
Watercolor or mixed media paper. (If you need a recommendation, we love Canson XL paper. It is very budget-friendly and comes in various sizes.)
Palette, disposable plate, or take-out container lid for mixing colors
Water cup and paper towels
Food that you would like to paint! Any fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs you have on hand, or photos of your favorite foods.