Take Root Presents: Nicole Colbert Dance/Theatre & Logos Dance Collective

September 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – September 22, 2018 @ 10:00 pm
Green Space
37-24 24th Street
Suite 301
Green Space
Take Root Presents: Nicole Colbert Dance/Theatre & Logos Dance Collective @ Green Space

Take Root Presents: Nicole Colbert Dance/Theatre & Logos Dance Collective. Nicole Colbert Dance/Theatre’s where have you been, where are you going? explores the journey away from and toward home as a physical, emotional and psychological place. The piece also contends with feminist, political and social identities in relationship to “home,” in literal and metaphorical terms. Weaving together dance, theatre, music and text, the work utilizes personal narratives that are conciliatory as well as revelatory, sometimes attached to landscapes, to further explore multiple meanings and layers in our associations with home.

Through movement, live music and the spoken word, Curved Spacetimes: Where Friedrich Nietzsche Meets Virginia Woolf aims to make public the private experience of the flow of time and to make visible the invisible nature of time itself. Let Zarathustra and Mrs. Dalloway guide you through the eternal return while you contemplate whether to live your life all over again. Come experience past, present, future, time reversal and general relativity in action as dancers’ bodies tell spacetime how to curve and curved spacetime tells dancers’ bodies how to move.

Photos by: Svetlana Didorenko and Allison Armfield

Advance sale tickets: $17 online at www.GreenSpaceStudio.org
Tickets purchased at door: $20 cash, $22 credit card


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