Kim Russo – The Happy Medium

March 2, 2019 all-day
Queensborough Performing Arts Center
222-05 56th Ave
Bayside, NY 11364
Vinny Ticali
Kim Russo – The Happy Medium @ Queensborough Performing Arts Center | New York | United States

Kim Russo, also known as “Kim The Happy Medium,” has been able to see the world of spirit since the young age of nine. Growing up, Kim often saw random spirits in her bedroom and sometimes felt their presence, walking home with her from school. At that young age, not knowing what they wanted, she was frightened. Now, she is comforted by their presence, speaking to them more than she speaks to the living on some days. Kim now refers to that world as the Spirit World or (SW) for short. After growing up, pursuing a career in real estate, marrying and giving birth to three children, she soon realized that communicating with these entities would become her new “job.” Kim has appeared on Dr. Oz, and A & E’s hit TV shows, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. She has also appeared on The Biography Channel’s Celebrity Ghost Stories featuring the Country Legend Music Star, Loretta Lynn, and was the host of the series The Haunting Of… on The LMN channel. Join us for a special evening with Kim as she shares with us special messages from family and friends in spirit. Limited Seating.


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