“Bats of New York City” – a Queens County Bird Club presentation

November 20, 2019 all-day
Alley Pond Environmental Center
228-06 Northern Blvd
Douglaston, NY 11362
Nancy Tognan
"Bats of New York City" - a Queens County Bird Club presentation @ Alley Pond Environmental Center | New York | United States

The next meeting of Queens County Bird Club will feature a presentation “Nocturnal Neighbors: The Bats of New York City” by Kaitlyn Parkins.
Bats, one of the largest mammal groups, play a vital role in our ecosystem, even in New York City. Kaitlyn Parkins, a conservation biologist for New York City Audubon, will discuss the secret lives of the bats that live in and migrate through the city—who is here, what they are doing, and where to find them. She will present findings from over five years of research, including how bats use green roofs as foraging habitat. She will also discuss the threats to our bat populations and some of the work being done to mitigate these threats.
Parkins studied at Fordham University, receiving a master’s degree in ecology and a graduate certificate in conservation biology. Her other field work includes monitoring bird-building collisions in the city and studying beach-nesting shorebirds and colonial waterbirds in the NY Harbor.


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