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It’s in Queens

#PickoftheWeek | How Many Zombies Are Too Many Zombies?

For some, it’s an interdisciplinary academic partnership between mathematics and molecular biology. For others, it’s an international apocalypse with crazy monsters and only YOU can save the world from imminent destruction! The New York Hall of Science unveiled How Many Zombies Continue Reading

#WeeklyColumn | It’s In Queens! Jan. 2 to Jan. 9

The borough welcomes the new year with comedy, chanting, colorful envelopes, kung fu, carving, ecology, and of course, zombies. Countless zombies. Jan. 2, How Many Zombies Are Too Many Zombies? Feb. 15. With 20-minute games that can have as many as 25 players, participants take on Continue Reading

#WeeklyColumn | It’s In Queens! Dec. 26 to Jan. 2

No school, no problem. Queens hosts workshops involving cooking, crafts, film, tech, art, and dance. There’s also some great live music, coupled with comedy, anime, theater, and some wacky performance art. (The wackier, the better.) Dec. 26, Howl’s Moving Castle, Dec. 28. In Japanese with English Continue Reading

#PickoftheWeek | Artists strike poses as part an exhibition at MoMA PS1

They're called “Wall Floor Positions.” Artists will turn themselves into minimalist props and strike various poses at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City on Fridays and Saturdays until Feb. 17. It might seem like public yoga, but it’s actually part of an exhibition, “Bruce Continue Reading

#WeeklyColumn | It’s In Queens! Dec. 20 to Dec. 26

Cher! Yes, the one-name/one-of-a-kind artist is in the borough. Consider it an early Christmas gift. A second-line parade and something called “wall floor positions” are other big items. Then, there are many educational, enrichment, and entertainment options for children on winter recess. Dec. 20, AirTrain Jazz Continue Reading