NYC Talent Show @ The Creek and The Cave
Dec 16 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
NYC Talent Show @ The Creek and The Cave | New York | United States

NYC Talent Show is the world’s greatest open stage and a real New York City Tradition. It’s a decade old art performance show started at Bowery Poetry Club by Diane O’Debra and Victor Varnado where anyone can walk on stage whether they are a first time performer or a seasoned veteran and get treated like a star. A star that leaves the stage when bellman’s bell is rung telling them that their time on stage is over.

Performers on the show have included Kristen Schaal, Hannibal Buress, Jim Gaffigan, and Jonathan Aimes.

Every Sunday at 9 pm anything can happen and often does at The Creek And The Cave In LIC Queens NY.

The Cultural Review Show @ The Creek and The Cave
Dec 27 @ 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm
The Cultural Review Show @ The Creek and The Cave | New York | United States

Join British comedian Dominic Fogarty as he brings his BBC project live to the stage at the Creek and the Cave!

Joined by some funny friends, he attempts to understand the delicacies and intricacies of American culture.

Featuring the wonderful…

Maddy Smith (NY Comedy Festival)
Mike Mercadal (Zeroes on Heros)
Brandon Garner (Funny or Die)
Alex Ryu (@mralexryu)

Quiet Trivia & Comedy Night @ Katch Astoria
Jan 24 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Quiet Trivia & Comedy Night @ Katch Astoria | New York | United States

Quiet Events is mixing things up with a fun new twist on trivia. Join us at Katch, Astoria’s premiere gastropub for tasty food, drinks and a night with old and new friends! Plus a chance to win some great prizes!

Don’t worry if you’ve never done trivia before. The questions are going to be easy and fun. Your MC will host three rounds of questions. Between each round, comedians will take the stage to keep the laughs going. Everyone will get a pair of headphones allowing you to easily hear everything that is being said. It also will be harder to cheat and try to listen in to other teams.

Upon arrival you will have the option to create your own group or come alone and we’ll help form a group for you!

Your Experience Includes:
• Trivia host and comedians
• Special prizes for winners

Special notes:
• 21+
• Purchase your ticket online to guarantee a spot

Common Questions:
• Can I come alone? Absolutely! We help build groups.
• How hard are the questions? Our goal is for it to be fun. The questions are random in skill and in different areas of knowledge. Our goal is for you to be able to answer at least 50% of the questions.
• Should I get there early? We recommend getting there early for a bite to eat and something to drink. This way everything starts on time and we have enough time to add you to a group if you come alone.

How it works:
When you arrive you’ll receive a pair of special wireless headphones. This will allow you to hear the MC and comedians perfectly. There is also an audio round, so you’ll need them! After the 1st two rounds, your comedian will take the stage with a 15 minute set keeping you laughing as we tally up the scores. After the last round the winning team will get some amazing prizes!